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Board of Directors


Mr. Waqar Banday

Mr. Waqar Bandey has an MBA, a Diploma in Cotton Grading & Classification, and over 47 years of experience in Textile, Sugar, and Insurance sectors.  Furthermore, he has diversified experience in local and foreign sales, taxation, corporate affairs, labor management, oil crushing, ginning and cotton procurement.

Director / C.E.O

Mr. Naveed Sheikh

Mr. Naveed Mughis Sheikh has a BSc in International Business Management & Management Information Systems from the University of San Francisco, USA. He has 37+ years of experience in various industrial sectors, with a focus on Operations, Finance, & Industrial Relationships.

Executive Director

Ms. Fakhra Chaudhry

Fakhra Chaudhry has served with the Company in various positions for the past 15 years, with over 10+ years prior experience as an Executive Secretary in organizations such as Hassan & Hassan Advocates, Crescent Knitwear, Trust Investment Bank, and Shakarganj Group. Her experience with corporate compliance & senior level executives has enabled her to successfully serve as an Executive Director as well as a Board Member for the Company.

Independent Director

Mr. Shahzad Ullah Khan

Mr. Shahzad Ullah Khan has done a BSc in Finance from Widener University USA. He has a background in Agriculture and vast experience in Commodity Trade, Equity Investment, & Portfolio Management.

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Muhammad Tariq

Mr. Muhammad Tariq is Graduate in Commerce with over 30 years of experience in Procurement in the Textile and Sugar Industries. His vast experience has allowed him to develop long standing relationships with vendors & suppliers, enabling him to be a valuable member of the Board as a Non-Executive Director

Independent Director

Mr. Najam Faiz

Mr. Najam Faiz has a Post-Graduate Degree in Business Administration and over 33 years of service in the Local & International Banking Sector. More recently, Mr. Najam Faiz has gained expertise in the Housing Development & Construction market, and his invaluable experience enables him to successfully serve as an Independent Director for the Company 

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ibrahim naveed Sheikh

Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry from New York University (NYU) and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry at NYU, with research & specializiation in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. 

Board Comittees

Audit Comittee

Mr. Najam Faiz

HR & Renumeration Committee

Mr. muhammad tariq

Mr. Ibrahim naveed Sheikh

Mr. Shahzad Ullah Khan

Mr. Shahzad Ullah Khan

Mr. muhammad tariq

Share Registrar

M/s. Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited

M. House, 7-Bank Square, Lahore, Pakistan

Phone #: +92 (42) 37235081-2 (Two Lines)

Fax #: +92 (42) 37358817


Shareholding Pattern

Company Secretary

Mr. Mubashar Asif

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Hina Mustafa 


Tariq Abdul Ghani Maqbool & Co.

Tax Advisor

UHY Hassan Naeem & Co.

Legal Advisor

Mrs. Aniqua Sheikh

Financial Institutions

Bank Islami Pakistan Ltd.

Dubai Islamic Bank(Pakistan) Ltd.

Silk Bank Ltd.

Soneri Bank Ltd.

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